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Serving Others in Crisis

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This week’s earthquake in Christchurch is another reminder of how fragile life is. And though devastating, through crises we are also reminded of how much we affect one another, and how much we truly care for one another. Strangers go out of their way, they risk their lives to help one another.

Students from universities in and around Christchurch are volunteering their time and resources to the rescue effort. Nations around the world have sent groups of experts to Christchurch to provide assistance, expertise, and support. The recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile also revealed a global service heart; people from all economic, religious, and social backgrounds continue to give to help communities they will never see and people they will never meet.

Humans are amazing.

As you know from reading my blog, I like to take lessons from the world and apply them to my everyday life and my career. I’ve mentioned this before, but I’d like to reiterate it: I want to be able to take this reality of concern and this desire to serve, which people express during a crisis, and manifest it in my interactions with people all the time, not just when bad things happen.

I encourage you to take the time today to pay close attention to how you respond to your families, friends, and clients. Each one of them has the potential to feel joy and pain, to suffer and to celebrate. What can you say to them to let them know that you see them for who they truly are, not for a number they represent or a space they fill in your life? What can you do, what extra effort can you make to let your service heart shine?

I think this is the greatest way that we, in the comfort of our lives here at home, can honor the victims in Christchurch.

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