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Donate to disaster relief

Since I started this blog in January, the world has experienced several profound tragedies. The most recent tragedy, Japan’s earthquake and concomitant tsunami, has claimed thousands of lives. To read more about how we can learn from these tragedies, please see my post about the Christchurch earthquake, and my post about the shooting in Tucson.

Now, however, I’d like to give you a few links to charities and nonprofits that are helping survivors in Japan, Haiti, and other countries that have recently experienced natural disasters and other tragedies.

Donate to Japan: The Japan America Society of Colorado is an organization dedicated to fostering dialog and commerce between Japan and Colorado. Its membership is a diverse group of people, who care deeply about Japan. They are accepting donations on their site, and will send every penny donated to the best possible charity doing work to help the people of Japan recover from this catastrophe.

Donate to Haiti: Though the earthquake in Haiti isn’t as fresh in our minds as Japan’s, Haiti’s population continues to face extraordinary hardships. Yele Haiti is a nonprofit that works to empower and improve the lives of Haiti’s residents, by providing disaster relief, education services, and agricultural assistance. They accept tax-deductible donations on their site as well.

Donate to Doctors without Borders: Doctors without Borders is an amazing organization, working in dozens of countries across the world to provide medical support and services for impoverished people. Recently, the organization has sent doctors to Libya, Sudan, Congo, Afghanistan, and other countries in great need of medical access. Doctors without Borders accepts one-time donations, donations earmarked for certain locations, and monthly donations. Read more about the organization here.

Why donate? Even if you don’t have much to give, the compassionate gesture of giving is crucial to allowing your service heart to shine. You can donate as an individual, as a corporation, or as a family, but please, take the time to help out.

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