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Losing Your Cool

This week I’d like to talk about what happens when we lose our cool in a customer service situation. And I think it’s important to examine both sides of the issue–customers who lose their cool and professionals who lose their cool. When Customers Lose Their Cool As a professional: when we’re working in a service…Read this article »

Making a Connection

The best kind of service you can offer your customer is one that is based on making a connection. Sales executives will tell you that sales is 98% rapport and 2% product and sales. Here’s what I do when I want to make a connection. Eye contact. I’ve stated this before, and I can’t reiterate…Read this article »

Etiquette Question: Email vs. Snail Mail

This week, I’d like to welcome SEO and social media expert Natalie Winslow as our guest blogger, answering the following etiquette question recently sent to me. Dear Charles, I have to admit something: I’m old-fashioned. I love sending thank you notes, Christmas cards, and hand-written letters to my friends and family members, who live across…Read this article »

Difficult Clients?

I’d like to open up this week’s blogs to input from my readers. Offering excellent service is easy when the client or customer appreciates it. However, we’ve all encountered situations where no matter what we do, no matter how much we uphold the service container, the client is relentlessly difficult. Do you have a story…Read this article »