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The Big Bad Boss

Every month I like to open up my blog to comments from my readers. This month I wanted to ask you how you deal with a difficult boss. When I was younger I had several negative experiences with supervisors and managers, and it was always tricky to know how to respond to seemingly unjust situations.…Read this article »

What is a Service Heart?

In my workshops, and even here in my blog, I often mention my service heart. I’m sure many of you have figured out what that means, or have created your own definition of service heart. But I still wanted to take a moment in this week’s blog to explain what I mean when I talk…Read this article »

Losing Your Cool

This week I’d like to talk about what happens when we lose our cool in a customer service situation. And I think it’s important to examine both sides of the issue–customers who lose their cool and professionals who lose their cool. When Customers Lose Their Cool As a professional: when we’re working in a service…Read this article »

Making a Connection

The best kind of service you can offer your customer is one that is based on making a connection. Sales executives will tell you that sales is 98% rapport and 2% product and sales. Here’s what I do when I want to make a connection. Eye contact. I’ve stated this before, and I can’t reiterate…Read this article »

Service and Social Media

Last week I blogged about social media etiquette, reminding everyone not to post offensive or overly-revealing thoughts and photographs, and unannotated links. This week I’d like to discuss why it’s crucial for your business to monitor your brand online, and respond on appropriate social media sites. Fewer and fewer clients and customers will know the…Read this article »

Service Challenges of Growth

Earlier this week AT&T announced its plan to purchase T-Mobile to form the nation’s largest wireless carrier. If the acquisition is approved, the outcome of this new mega-corporation may be both good and bad. On the positive side of things, current customers of each company hope that they will get better and more reliable wireless…Read this article »

How to Help

Since I started this blog in January, the world has experienced several profound tragedies. The most recent tragedy, Japan’s earthquake and concomitant tsunami, has claimed thousands of lives. To read more about how we can learn from these tragedies, please see my post about the Christchurch earthquake, and my post about the shooting in Tucson.…Read this article »

Happy International Women’s Day!

In honor of International Women’s Day, I’d like to open up this blog post to comments from my readers about women who have impacted their lives. While I was growing up, my mother consistently let her service heart shine. She hosted amazing parties and events; everyone always felt welcome at our home. To this day…Read this article »

Serving Others in Crisis

This week’s earthquake in Christchurch is another reminder of how fragile life is. And though devastating, through crises we are also reminded of how much we affect one another, and how much we truly care for one another. Strangers go out of their way, they risk their lives to help one another. Students from universities…Read this article »

Service Integrity

In 2007, Steven D. Levitt, author of the New York Times blog Freakonomics wrote the following about customer service: “There are not many strong incentives for individuals to provide great customer service. There may be small financial rewards that accrue if customers routinely tell an employee’s supervisor what a great job they did; but if…Read this article »