What is “Choosing Service?”

Choosing Service is our service philosophy. We believe great service is born when an individual and organization truly embrace their decision to serve. You can read more about our philosophy on our Choosing Service page.

What is Service Culture International?

Service Culture International is an organization offering corporate and hospitality service training across the world. Read more about our history and accolades on our About Service Culture International page.

Where do trainings take place?

Trainings occur in a location of your choice. Our trainers come to your city. Depending on your needs, trainings will be conducted on-site, ideally in a conference or meeting room at your office or business.

Who are your workshops catered to?

We offer seminars and workshops for people in the corporate and business world, and the hospitality industry.

What is the typical length of your seminars and workshops?

We offer a variety of seminars and workshops, ranging from two-hour talks to weekend seminars. We also offer extensive on-site training, which can be completed in one day or over the course of several weeks, depending on your organization’s needs.

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