Luxury Wines and Entertaining

With our Luxury Wines & Entertaining (LW&E) service, we are deeply dedicated to providing pristine rare vintage wines and the finest entertaining experiences to the Luxury and Corporate markets.  LW&E is passionately involved in:

Procuring fine and rare vintage wines
For those looking for a specific wine from a particular vintage year, LW&E can procure the world’s finest and most rare wines.  We locate pristine wines through a network of integral cellar owners who are interested in selling their wines. These wines have been cared for under excellent temperature and humidity conditions and, in most cases, for many years. There is never a guarantee on fine vintage wines, but LW&E creates an opportunity to procure the finest wines with a proven pristine background.

Customizing wine cellar inventories to enhance personal enjoyment and exceed entertaining goals
We recommend and procure fine vintage wines for our clients based on specific criteria that enable us to highly customize the selections.  We customize your wine product mix through a process of interviewing and education to determine the following: current wine preferences; food likes and dislikes; entertainment goals, styles, and frequency; cellar design and capacity; wine investment philosophy; and budget.

Facilitating the acquisition of immaculate private wine cellars
We assist you in acquiring the ultimate private cellar collection, suited to your particular needs, tastes, and desires. Utilizing our extensive list of contacts in the wine industry, we will procure the finest available wines to complement your collection.

Marketing all or a part of your estate wine cellar
Take pride in your estate wine cellar! We help you market your estate wine cellar, either in part or in its entirety.

Managing wine cellar inventory
We optimize the organization of your wine cellar through wine storage planning, customizing the cellar temperature and humidity to the wine collection, and carefully controlling the wine cellar inventory.

Overseeing cellar book development
Your cellar book is an evolving wine portfolio organized by region, showcasing a customized Wine Information Sheet for each wine in the inventory.  Each Wine Information Sheet includes the following:

  • Wine varieties, including geographic and historical information, as well as the story of each wine
  • Tasting notes, wine ratings, and optimal drinking dates
  • Wine service recommendations, including appropriate opening procedures, breathing times, decanting, candling, service technique, and optimal serving temperature

Helping with wine cellar design consultation and build out
We offer design consultation for personal cellars, show cellars, and investment cellars.

Customizing fine vintage wine gift boxes
These custom gift boxes include a unique selection of the world’s finest wines customized to the wine preferences of the receiver and the generosity of the giver. This is a highly appreciated personal or corporate luxury gift for the fine wine lover.

Teaching the Art of Entertaining with fine vintage wines
We teach you the art of grand entertaining in the estate home or corporate setting, enabling you to create stunning celebrations and lifelong memories when entertaining with the world’s finest rare wines.

Hosting the philanthropic wine event
Luxury Wines & Entertaining has pooled the necessary resources to provide pristine rare vintage wines and the finest entertaining experiences with the goal of creating revenue for deserving philanthropic organizations. We will also teach you how to host the perfect wine event for charities and nonprofits.

Developing personalized wine and spirits education
We offer a six part intensive educational and tasting experience that has been created for estate principles and their private staff members, corporate hosts and service professionals. This workshop focuses on Old World Aperitifs, Sparkling Wines, Still Wines and Digestifs and their New World Counterparts.  We focus specifically on the appropriate placement of each beverage in the grand entertaining event. Our goal is to dramatically increase the enjoyment of the event and achieve the goals of the host. We discuss and taste classic food and wine pairings and we pair wines with the world’s great cheeses.

Training in the etiquette and protocol of service and entertainment
This fascinating course in dining and entertaining etiquette is directed towards service professionals and estate and corporate staff members. This workshop provides a thorough immersion into the historical circumstances that have created functional service etiquette.  This is a very popular interactive seminar that empowers the staff with the “gentle authority” that only true knowledge brings.

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